Classroom management is one of the most important aspects to any educational setting. For effective learning to take place students must feel as though they are in a safe environment. Learning simply does not happen in threatening environments. A classroom management plan simply allows teachers to determine how they are going to make their learning area a safe productive place which fosters growth and development. It is not simply having a reward and punishment system set up; it involves developing meaningful relationships, room arrangement, as well as a clear set of expectations.
Prior to the lesson this week I had never pictured how classroom management is effective once we introduce technology into the picture. As an educator, my classroom management plan must include routines and expectations for when my students work with computers. What do I do if there are not enough computers for everyone? What do I do with the students who are very tech savvy and finish their work quickly? A broad answer to these questions involves differentiation. It is important as teachers to incorporate different teaching styles in each lesson. Perhaps there are not enough computers for the whole class; therefore, instead of partnering your students off and having them work in groups on the computer (where only one of them is really doing the work) have half the class work on something else (i.e. worksheet, etc) while the other is working on computers. By having routines such as this set in place the class may run more smoothly because everyone is busy doing  

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