This week's assignment had us create a presentation about 21st century learners. The catch was that it had to be an effective presentation. This encouraged us to do some research into what aspects and qualities made up an effective presentation.  When I was reading up on these aspects I could not help thinking that they were farily common sense if you put yourself in your audience's shoes. If you were the one watching the presentation what would you want to see. Some of the most common themes which came up were: clarity, simplicity - less is more, and brevity. In other words, Don't add too many images or have too much text on a slide. Avoid overwhelming the audience!
As I thought about these things I began to realize that clearly they are not common sense. My evidence? 6 years of University presentations, some which have been phenomenal, others that were painful to sit through. As future educators it is so important to know how to present your material in an effective and pleasant matter. Also I think it is important to acknowledge that sometimes a powerpoint presentation will not be the most effective way to convey your lesson. We must be comfortable with many different teaching strategies to ensure we engage all students.
10/14/2012 07:32:59 am

I found it very interesting that at first you thought the principles of an effective presentation was commen sense. I had a hard time with the concept as first, I am a lover of large amounts of text on slides. I really like to hear what people have to say, and then read it right after word for word to really cement it in my mind. Of course, after further reflection I could see why lots of text is not ideal, but it definitely was not a clear concept for me at first! Second, the glitzomania principle really surprised me, as that was something we were taught to include in high school, and is kind of fun to see.

Why do you think that it, at first, was seemingly comment sense to you? Perhaps a different learning experience with technology in High School? Or perhaps you and I have different learning styles in that I like to read text? Id like to know your thoughts!


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