This past week we learned about SMART board integration in the classroom.  The Smart board has certainly grown as a tool since the first time I ever laid eyes on one when I was in grade six. Back then no one really knew what to do with the SMART board (at least the teachers i had didn't). It was basically just treated as a new, much more touchy and fragile whiteboard. Many years later here I sit in a classroom where the teacher is actually taking attendance using the SMART board and using it as a tool for formative feedback. My how the times have changed! As we learned about our assignment for the week I was excited and enticed by the SMART board. All these neat lesson ideas kept running through my head. The interactive white board provides teachers with a plethora of ways to keep students engaged and excited. I could hardly wait to get my hands on the software.... and then I began my group project. Needless to say all the excitement drained from my body after about an hour of trying to figure out and understand the NOTEBOOK program. How can something so smart be so difficult to use. Now I am no expert with technology but I was born in the nineties and have had my fair share of practice using all different types of software; yet, for some reason the smart board program was one of the most tedious and irritating soft-wares I have used... EVER. A five minute lesson took our group close to 5 hours to complete. This certainly gave me a new appreciation for teachers who use the SMART board n a regular basis and develop their own templates from scratch. I learned many things this week and they are as follows:
1) I am now that old person who has to ask the younger 'kids' to help me with my technology
2) I have A LOT of practicing to do with the SMART board and
3) I need to sincerely thank whoever developed "SmartExchange"
This project was a challenge for me but it was one that I appreciated. I learned a lot in the five hours of playing and exploring on the notebook software and I still have so very much to learn. That is why courses such as this one are so helpful; they introduce us future educators to software and programs we have never used before and encourage us to familiarize ourselves with them prior to getting into a school.

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