There is a lot of junk on the web these days, but on a brighter note, there is also a plethora of resources that are very useful for us as educators. For example, lessons plans, activity ideas, e-books, videos, and research articles to name just a few. So how do we find what is of use to us?
In this week's lesson I learned all about scholarly searches. Most of the time when I am searching for a particular thing on the web I just Google it and hope it comes up in the first couple pages Google lists... man have I been wasting my time! The lesson offered me so many helpful tips on how to do a search quickly, efficiently, and effectively.
I have always been taught 'less is more'; well this is not the case when it comes to key word searches. Instead of only typing in two or three words to search one should enter multiple. This way the results that you get back are refined and more specific to what you want.
I also learned to search unique key words, not broad ideas or concepts. For example if you are looking to discuss a certain concept found within a larger theory, search that concept not the theory itself. Some may think this is common knowledge but you would be surprised.
In conclusion, this lesson taught me how to save time when doing searches online and time is something we all need more of!

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